The Lap of Luxury

Amos 6:1-14

Originally presented on November 17th at the P.M. service.


How Will They Call?

Romans 10:14-15

Originally presented on November 17th during the A.M. Service.




Amos 5:1-17

Seek Me And Live

In a final warning, Amos proclaims judgment on the nation of Israel in the form of a funeral song or poem. His message is, “Reject the Lord and die! Seek the Lord and live!” Don’t seek the things of this world, the pleasures of this life, or your own way! What do you seek? Seek the Lord and live!


Israel’s Complete Failure

Romans 10:1-11

In this Sunday Morning sermon from 11-03-13, Bro. Anthony Langley highlights Paul’s teaching about the complete failure of Israel as God’s people to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Paul is a Jew and loves the Jews and longs for their salvation, but the Jews failed because they did not understand God’s plan. First, they did not understand God’s righteousness. Second, they did not understand the significance of Christ. And third, they did not understand the priority of faith. We too can fall into the same situation if we fail to understand these truths.


Israel’s Unbelief is Consistent with God’s Plan

Romans 9:25-33

In this sermon presented 10-26-13 in the morning worship hour. Bro. Anthony is continuing to present Paul’s explanation as to why the nation of Israel rejected Jesus as Messiah and crucified him on the cross. Israel’s unbelief is entirely consistent with the message that God revealed in the Old Testament. He told them that they would reject the Messiah. And Israel’s unbelief is entirely consistent with God’s requirement of faith. True Jews were always Jews by faith. Israel’s unbelief didn’t surprise God! It was part of His plan!


Return to Me

Amos 4:1-13

Originally presented on 10-26-13 at the evening worship service. Amos calls the people of Israel to renounce their sin of pride and prepare to meet God. Judgment is coming. “Return to Me,” says the Lord.


A recap of the first 8 chapters of Romans. This sermon was originally presented 9-29-13 in the AM Service.



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