Who Can Stand?
Amos 2:6-16

In this evening message, Bro. Anthony tells the story of Amos and explains the sin of Israel, the faithfulness of the Lord, the rejection of God’s word and he answers the question, “Who can stand against the Lord?”.


Christian, Do you know what time it is?


The Philippian Jailer – In this evening service, Bro. Gary Brown portrays a character from Acts 16, The Philippian Jailer. This is the audio only portion of his character portrayal.

Acts 16:1-40



We are blessed to have Bro. Gary Brown as our guest speaker for our revival which started 9-22-13 and continues through Wednesday, 9-25-13.



International Church Planters

Untitled-1 - Copy

Bro. Williams tells us about International Church Planters and how they affect people in places that need Jesus but don’t have the resources to accomplish the tasks necessary to help themselves.



Holy Matrimony
Malachi 2:10-16

Bro. Anthony tells us about the holiness of marriage in this morning message.



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