FBCLA GodcastThe Principles of God’s Judgment pt. 1

Romans 2:6-16

In this morning message, Bro. Anthony begins part one of two (to be continued tonight), of an explanation of six principles of God’s judgment. Three points are covered this morning and the rest tonight. We were also blessed to have Bro. Anthony and his wife, Mysty singing our special music this morning. You can listen to their song below.
East To West


FBCLA GodcastChurch Planting In W. Virginia

Proverbs 29:23

Tonight, we were blessed to have Bro. Chris Barrow sharing the importance of his current church planting in W. Virginia in a county where there are no Southern Baptist Churches.



FBCLA GodcastReasons For The Wrath Of God

Romans 1:18

Bro. Anthony explains the reasons for the wrath of God in this morning message.


FBCLA GodcastThe Council’s Decision

Acts 15:15-35

Bro. Anthony tells us more about Paul and Barnabas and the Jerusalem Council’s decision that deliberated and proclaimed exactly what a person must do to obtain salvation.



The Wrath Of God

Romans 1:18

Bro. Anthony details different aspects of God’s wrath in this morning message.




The Jerusalem Council

Acts 15:1-12

Bro. Anthony shows us that salvation come only by the grace of God.


The Gospel of Christ

Acts 15:1-12

Bro. Anthony explains more of the story of the Gospel using the book of Acts.


Mountains and Valleys

Acts 14:1-28

Bro. Anthony Langley tells us of Paul and Barnabas at Iconium where Paul preached in the Jewish synagogue and the resulting ups and downs of the endeavor.


Paul: A True Spiritual Leader

Romans 1:8-15

Bro. Anthony uses this message to illustrate the attributes of Paul which made him a true spiritual leader.

Bro. Anthony also blessed us with special music this morning. Listen to it below.



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