The Aftermath

Acts 13:42-52

In this Sunday evening message from Sept. 16th, Bro. Anthony tells us of the results of Paul and Barnabas having preached at the synagogue and their actions after encountering the differing reactions of the people they preached to.


Paul Preaches Christ

Acts 13:13-41

In this Sunday evening message, Bro. Anthony tells us about Paul preaching about Jesus in the book of Acts.



The Gospel

Romans 1:2-5

Over the next two weeks, Bro. Anthony will be presenting a broad overview of the Gospel. Here is part one.


Spiritual Battles

Acts 13:4-12

In this evening service, Bro. Anthony explains our strategic mission, our spiritual opposition and our significant victories we experience in our daily spiritual battles.


The Apostle

Romans 1:1

Launching into a series on the book of Romans, Bro. Anthony begins by introducing us to the Apostle Paul and explaining the attributes which made him worthy of being the Apostle who brought the Good News of Jesus to the Gentiles.


 The Book of Daniel Wrap-Up

Finishing up the Book of Daniel this Wednesday night, Bro. Anthony shows us that God has a plan for us, just as He did for Daniel.




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