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We have been blessed to have Cody Brown as our Youth Minister for the last couple of years. He is now, however, moving on to full-time evangelism and moving to Searcy, AR. Therefore, on the occasion of Bro. Cody Brown’s last message to our congregation, we were blessed to have him teach us an important but what he called a simple lesson, that we are called out by God just as our parents did when we were young. We will surely miss Bro. Cody and his wife Nicole and we pray that God blesses him in his new-found calling. As Bro. Anthony explained last night, Cody is now a missionary from our church to the world. God bless you Cody and Nicole.

We were also blessed to have Andrew Chandler leading worship again last night and his performance is included below for your enjoyment.

Andrew Chandler Worship


FBCLA GodcastThe Walk of the Old Self

Ephesians 4:17-24

In this morning message, Bro. Anthony reminds us of the sinful attributes of our pre-salvation selves so that we can avoid any similarities with our new, changed lives.

We had special music by our female praise quartet, In One Accord this morning. Listen to their acapella version of  My Jesus, I Love Thee and receive a blessing.


 The Lowly WalkFBCLA Godcast

Ephesians 4:1-6

Bro. Anthony reminds us of the general mental and spiritual attitudes we should have as Christians in this morning message.

We were also blessed with special music by Lisa Tyler, one of our praise team vocalists singing “Power Of Your Love”. Power Of Your Love


FBCLA GodcastThe Face Of An Angel

Acts 6:8-15

Continuing in his series on the book of Acts, Bro. Anthony tells us about the character of Stephen.


FBCLA GodcastBe Filled With The Holy Spirit

Ephesians 5:18-21

In this message, Bro. Anthony tells us the truth about the Holy Spirit and what it means to be filled with Him. He also dispells some incorrect beliefs held by others and sets the record straight.

For Special Music this morning, we were blessed to have Bro. Anthony and his wife, Mysty singing City On The Hill by Casting Crowns.

 City On The Hill


FBCLA Godcast

God’s Ways Are Higher Than Our Ways

In this Wednesday night Bible study, Bro. Anthony teaches us the ways of God and that He is in control.


 FBCLA Godcast

That You May Have Life

Acts 5:17-42

This message is the account of the persecution of the Apostles. Peter and the others are jailed, miraculously set free and flogged for teaching in Jesus’ name but continue to do it regardless.


FBCLA GodcastDrinking – A Christian Perspective


In this morning message, Bro. Anthony explains the many reasons we should not drink alcoholic beverages. We were also blessed by Joyce Helms when she provided our special music, “Ain’t No Grave”.




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