FBCLA GodcastPeter Preaches Christ

Acts 3:11-18

Jesus is known by numerous names which portray His many glorious attributes. In this message, Bro. Anthony relates some of the ones Peter uses to describe Christ.


FBCLA Godcast


Acts 3:1-10

Continuing in his sermon series entitled “What is Christianity?”, Bro. Anthony relates the story of Peter and John healing a man who was crippled from birth on the way to the temple. He uses this story to illustrate the reasons God allowed His followers to perform miracles.


FBCLA GodcastA Good Church pt. 2

Acts 2:43-45

In this evening message, Bro. Anthony finishes his two part sermon on the first church; the attributes which defined them and that we should strive those qualities to be displayed in our church today.


FBCLA GodcastWhat Does God Desire?

Hosea 6:6

In this morning message, Bro. Anthony instructs us on certain things God wants us to achieve in our relationship with Him.


FBCLA GodcastA Good Church

Acts 2:43-45

In this evening message, Bro. Anthony shows us the positive attributes of the first church and the reasons behind miracles both then and now.



FBCLA Godcast



Bro. Anthony composed this great video from their recent trip to China to adopt their daughter, Zoey. We thought we would share it here with you so you could be blessed by it like we were! Download the wmv file below:



FBCLA GodcastA New Name

Romans 5:12

In this first message since his return from China, Bro. Anthony shows us that we are adopted into the family of Christ and the advantages we have as a result.


FBCLA GodcastThat I May Know Him

Philippians 3:10

This Wednesday night prayer service was led by one of our esteemed Deacons, Cletus Tacker. He used the opportunity to share his testimony and to present a short but powerful message that is important for all people to hear, both lost and saved. Do yourself a favor and listen to Cletus and then ask yourself, “Do I know Him?”


FBCLA GodcastGod The Father

Matthew 6:26

In this evening service, we were blessed to have Bro. Danny Helms, Pastor of  Etowah First Baptist Church filling in for Bro. Anthony. He is the son of our soundman, Danny Helms and his wife Joyce, who sings with our praise team. In his powerful and heartfelt message, he defined many of the great attributes of God the Father and how they apply to our daily lives as Christians.


FBCLA GodcastTrue Vision

Isaiah 6:1-8

After an update on Bro. Anthony and Mysty’s adoption trip to China and a brief introduction from Deacon David May, we were blessed to have as our special guest, Bro. Freddie Bowen, a past associate pastor of ours who is at present, the Principal at Westside School in Jonesboro, AR. As David suggested, Bro. Bowen did indeed bring us a great message full of biblical truth and we were happy to have he and his family with us this morning.



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