FBCLA GodcastThe Refiner’s Fire


Bro. Cody Brown, our youth minister brought us a heartfelt, passionate message this evening in Bro. Anthony’s absence. He used the analogy of refining gold to illustrate the sanctification process which occurs in Christians.


FBCLA GodcastWhat Happens Next?

Isaiah 5:1-7

In the absence of our pastor, Anthony Langley, we were blessed to have Bro. Glenn Bien, our Associational Missionary at Trinity Baptist Association provide us with our morning message. He reminded us that there are always consequences from God to our actions and that we should act accordingly.


FBCLA GodcastThe Priority of Prayer

Acts 2:42 Acts 4:23

In this evening message, Bro. Anthony reminds us how important it is to be in prayer and what a blessing it is to have such a personal yet reverent relationship with the Lord.


FBCLA GodcastFoundational Attitudes Pt. 2

1 Peter 5:5-14

In this last message on Peter, Bro. Anthony continues telling us the foundational attitudes which we, as Christians, must have in order to have right thinking.



FBCLA GodcastWhy Do We Break Bread?

Acts 2:42

As we prepare for The Lord’s Supper, Bro. Anthony explains the reasons why we break bread.


FBCLA GodcastFoundational Attitudes

1 Peter 5:5-14

In part one of this two part sermon, Bro. Anthony tells us five of the most important attitudes we, as Christians, must have in order to become more like Christ.

I have also included Andrew Chandler, our new Worship Leader, performing and leading worship from this service. He will be leading our Christmas Cantata this year. Be sure to check back for that. I’m sure it will be a blessing.




FBCLA Godcast

Heavenly Wisdom vs Earthly Wisdom

James 3:13-18

In this Wednesday night prayer meeting message, Bro. Anthony contrasts the nature of earthly versus heavenly wisdom.


FBCLA Godcast


Acts 2:42

In this evening sermon, Bro. Anthony explains the true meaning of Christian fellowship.


FBCLA Godcast

Shepherding The Flock

1 Peter 5:1-4

Bro. Anthony tells us the responsibilities and God’s positive and negative commands of a Pastor leading his congregation in this morning message.


Our Praise Teams brought the blessings of contemporary Christan music to the stage of the 81st Annual Terrapin Derby in Lepanto, Arkansas on 10-1-11. For more photos, check out our Facebook page.



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