FBCLA GodcastDoctrine First

2 Acts 2:42

In this evening message, Bro. Anthony continues in his series on “What is Christianity?” by showing us how doctrine should fit into our lives as Christians.


FBCLA GodcastFiery Trials

1 Peter 4:12-19

In this morning message, Bro. Anthony explains that we should expect suffering in our salvation and how we should react to that suffering.


FBCLA GodcastTotal Commitment

Acts 2:37-47

In this evening message, Bro. Anthony uses the scriptures to show us what a Christian looks like. He also instructs us in regard to having total commitment to our relationship with Jesus and our daily walk as Christians.


FBCLA GodcastSpiritual Duty In A Hostile World

1 Peter 4:7-11

In this morning message, Bro. Anthony arms us with what we need to properly perform our spiritual duties in this hostile world in which we live.


FBCLA Godcast


Acts 2:37-41

In this evening message, Bro. Anthony tells us the five appropriate responses to being called by the Holy Spirit to be saved.


FBCLA Godcast

Getting America Back To God

2 Chronicles 7:14

Bro. Anthony instructs us how to behave in order to turn ourselves back to God in this morning message. To emphasize the point, we have also included special music from Danny Helms Jr. singing the Carman classic, We Need God In America Again.


FBCLA GodcastThe Great Fact of the Message

Acts 2:14-36

Bro. Anthony explains in this message that the Gospel contains three main facts. The prophecy has been fulfilled, redemption has been accomplished and the coronation has begun!



FBCLA GodcastArming Ourselves For Suffering

1 Peter 4:1-6

Bro. Anthony informs us that we must understand four important elements in order to be armed for following Jesus in suffering. The attitude of Christ, the will of God, the transformation from the old life and the hope of eternal life.



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