FBCLA Godcast

That You May Believe

In this Wednesday evening Bible study message, Bro. Anthony finishes his series on Jesus’ miracles and eyewitness testimonies which go to prove that Jesus is at the same time, man and the Son of God.


FBCLA Godcast

Who Killed Jesus?

Acts 4:27-28

In this Resurrection Sunday service, Bro. Anthony helps us understand just who killed Jesus and as usual, he uses Biblical scripture to back it up.

“In Christ Alone”

After Bro. Anthony’s message, he led our choir as they once again praised, honored and glorified God by presenting our annual Easter Cantata. This year’s presentation was entitled, “In Christ Alone”.


FBCLA Godcast

The Truth About Good Friday

In this passionate message from our EPiC Youth Minister, Cody Brown, we hear the truth about Good Friday and just how important it is and all that it means for us. Due to technical difficulties, part of the end of the sermon did not get recorded but what you will hear from Bro. Cody is the truth and very important information.


FBCLA Godcast

The Great Privilege of Revelation
1 Peter 1:10-12

Bro. Anthony stresses, in this morning message, the great privilege that is ours since God has revealed through the Prophet’s Message, the Spirit’s Inspiration, the Apostle’s Preaching and the Angels’ Examination, of the greatest reward of all, our salvation through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the LORD.


FBCLA Godcast

DNOW Wrap-up
Abiding: The Reality of a Disciple

Luke 14:25-33

This past weekend, the youth of our church, EPiC Youth Ministries, led by Youth Minister, Cody Brown and Pastor Anthony P. Langley,  held their annual Discipleship NOW conference. Our special guest speaker for this morning was the speaker for DNOW, Matt Smith of Temple Texas, leader of Living in Freedom Ministries. He is a dynamic, Spirit-filled speaker with a heart for Jesus who made quite an impact on our youth and our congregation.

Matt SmithTo ask questions or schedule an event you can contact Matt in the following ways.

Living In Freedom Ministries
PO Box 20902
Waco, TX 76702

We Are Jonah
We Are Jonah

Our worship was led by We Are Jonah, the praise band of DNOW, from Williams Baptist College. Members are Sam Pucik, voc. gtr., John Pucik, bs., Daniel Ring, dr. and our own, Zack Langley gtr. We were also blessed with a song by Kelsey English of The University of Central Arkansas in Conway.

Kelsey English
Matt Smith
You can listen to all the worship portion of our morning service in the first segment of our Godcast and to Matt Smith’s sermon in the second. The video mentioned by Cody Brown can be viewed here: DNOW 2011


FBCLA Godcast

Jesus Is God

In this Wednesday night message, Bro. Anthony continues in his series pointing out the witnesses and testimony in the Bible which state that Jesus is, in fact, God.


FBCLA Godcast

The Lord Is Good

Psalm 34:8-10

Bro. Anthony tells us in this evening service, that we must experience the love of the Lord to realize just how great it is. He also relates that if we devote our lives to Him and love Him with all our heart, mind and strength, He will change our desires to be like His own and then bless us for our obedience.


FBCLA Godcast

Rejoice In Our Salvation

1 Peter 1:6-9

Bro. Anthony tells us this morning to rejoice in our suffering for regardless of the situation we may be in at the moment and that we should also rejoice in our relationship with Jesus and the salvation He has given us.



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