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Effective Habits For Spiritual Growth

In this morning sermon, Bro. Anthony continues his series on Spiritual Growth with this message which is relevant to every Christian’s spiritual life. He instructs us that we should acquire and practice some practical behavioral, functional and congregational habits which will lead to both our spiritual growth and thus, our relationship with the Lord.


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When I Think About The Lord

This morning, our music and worship was led by our youth worship leader, Andrew Chandler. We are always blessed by his contributions and today was no exception. I hope you all are blessed by this wonderful song of introspection and praise.


FBCLA Godcast

Through The Fire

When have special music, we can always count on a number of vocalists from our church family to contribute. On this occasion, we were blessed to have Joyce Helms sing one of our favorites, “Through The Fire”. This song praises and honors God in song by telling us that when the adversary says “give in”, we should just hold on and allow God to take us through the fire again. A message that we should all remember.


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Joseph – A Man of Character

In this evening service, Bro. Anthony continues telling us about famous, Biblical men of faith and character from whom we can learn valuable lessons.


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Goals of Spiritual Growth

Romans 8:29

Bro. Anthony continues his sermon series on Spiritual Growth by explaining the fact that we must have goals and by laying out what some of the most important ones are for both individuals and for churches.


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Holy Of Holies

As Bro. Anthony continues to go above and beyond his duties as our pastor, he blessed us with another wonderful song Sunday morning for our special music. When possible, I try to include any special music from our worship services which I feel demonstrates the love our musicians and singers have for the Lord. Sometimes, I am unable to use songs due to recording limitations. Fortunately, I was able to use this one. Enjoy!


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Genesis 15:6

In this evening sermon, Bro. Anthony relates to us, the strength of the faith held by Abraham during the test that God gave him when He told him to sacrifice his own son. He also explains that our faith is based on a revelation that God has made to us. Not merely blind faith based on beliefs and religion.


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Romans 6:4

Bro. Anthony begins a new sermon series with this morning message regarding Spiritual Growth. He instructs us that spiritual growth is a personal choice and that God not only requires spiritual growth but He also assists us in obtaining it and then blesses us for the results.


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This morning, Bro. Anthony prepares our church family to nominate men for the position of Deacon of our church. He explains the reasons, the requirements and the results of Deacon nomination and election as we are instructed in the books of Acts and 1 Timothy.


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Isaiah 59:1-2

In this evening message, Bro. Anthony explains how our sin affects our relationship with God by separating us from Him and closing His ears to our prayers.


FBCLA Godcast

1 John 1:5

1 John 2:6

In this evening service, Bro. Anthony points out that we, as believers still sin but that we are convicted of that sin by the presence of The Holy Spirit in our lives.


FBCLA Godcast

We were honored to have our Trinity Baptist Association Director of Missions, Bro. Glenn Bien from Trumann, AR filling in for Bro. Anthony Langley on the Sunday after Christmas. His message tells us of how God utilized Jesus to incarnate as a sinless man and be the one and only way to atone for the sin of man.



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