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In response to the many inquiries he regularly gets regarding the content of the current, Christian literature scene, Bro. Anthony Langley has launched a new blog in conjunction with the FBC Lepanto Godcast.

In the new Anthony Langley Blog, he will supply short book reviews, spiritual reflections, devotional thoughts and political commentaries. He will also tackle cultural hot topics which affect the lives of every believer. SUBSCRIBE NOW  to Bro. Anthony’s blog, have it automatically delivered to your inbox and don’t miss a single topic.


Grace To You

When Believers Doubt

Luke 7:18-23

As a maturing Christian, regardless of your level of growth, some doubt will inevitably be encountered along your path to Christ-likeness. In fact, it is essential during your formative years as a Christian in order to come to the realization that Jesus is in fact, who He says He is, God and that the one and only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ and that the Bible is the inerrant, Holy Word of God. It can even be considered a gift from God as it’s purpose is to bring you closer to Him.

In this podcast from Grace To You by Dr. John MacArthur, several instances of doubt among true believers are pointed out, even among some of Jesus’ closest associates. As has been our custom, this podcast is presented in the manner it was received. When I heard it, it was a blessing to my heart. I pray that the truths which Dr. MacArthur give you here from the book of Luke will strenthen your faith as much  as it did mine. There are two preceding episodes to this message which, along with all of his other material can be accessed by going to his website, Grace To You.


Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

Praying Under Pressure

Who do you turn to when you need to unload a burden? Do you have a trusted friend, a pastor, a Christian counselor who you turn to for wise counsel? Dr. David Jeremiah continues his series, When Your World Falls Apart. He points out that David knew where to go for help when he was on the run from King Saul. In his message, “Praying Under Pressure,” Dr. Jeremiah encourages us to take our burdens to God to begin the healing process He wants to accomplish in us.

This message references: Psalm 142:1-7

Series: When Your World Falls Apart



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