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Streaming Audio Of Our Sunday Worship Services!

Podcasting is a method of publishing files to a website which are delivered to you by way of a dedicated XML newsfeed. Just use the news reading software you like, subscribe to the podcasts you want once, and from that moment on, they will be delivered to you regularly. The software does all the work, reaching out to our website every day, automatically downloading podcasts when they are posted. If you do not wish to subscribe to a podcast, the past episodes are also available for you to stream or download to your computer. We at First Baptist Church Lepanto offer to you in an attempt to spread God’s word throughout the world, Pastor Anthony P. Langley’s weekly sermons in a series which we call our Godcast. You can subscribe to it below in many different ways!

Our weekly Godcast contains all of the contents uploaded to our blog. This usually contains pictures, audio and occasionally video.

The blog is strictly moderated and has only Godly, Christian content. Subscribe using iTunes or any of the services below. You can also manually add our Godcast by using the following URL.


Click here to Subscribe to FBCLA Sermons Only

If you prefer to only subscribe to the Sunday Worship Service Sermons from Bro. Anthony P. Langley, you can subscribe to that category by using this alternate link.


Here are FOUR EASY STEPS to listen to our podcasts using iTunes:

1. In iTunes, click on “iTunes Store” in the “Source” window.

2. In the “iTunes Store” window, click on “Podcasts” in the “Choose Store” list.

3. Type “First Baptist Lepanto” in the podcast search field.

4. Click on the “Subscribe” button for the podcast you want.

That’s it. You did it. Now you can watch and listen to all of our streaming content on your computer, tablet, smartphone or iPod.

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What You Need to subscribe and listen to our Godcast:

iPod/iPhone/Tablet/MP3 Player/PC/Mac

Podcasting is designed to allow you to listen to daily radio broadcasts at your convenience on your MP3 player. The iPod is Apple’s brand of MP3 player, but podcasting works on all brands. Of course, you can also download and save our Podcasts on your computer and listen to them there. You can also listen on your iPhone, iPad, Tablet, MP3 Player or your Blackberry devices. Visit www.apple.com/ipod for more information.


Apple’s proprietary MP3 organizer/aggregator transfers your downloaded podcasts to your iPod/MP3 player. iTunes is a free program, compatible with PCs and Macs.

The newest version of iTunes allows you to subscribe to podcasts directly in iTunes. Just follow the simple instructions below, to subscribe to First Baptist Church Podcasts.